Jew Vs. Jew: The Struggle for the Soul of American Jewry

Simon & Schuster  2000


Jew Vs. Jew is the book of the season. It is a probing, well-written investigation into the heart and soul of the Jewish community in America. Samuel G. Freedman dissects American Jewry, opens raw wounds, uncovers weaknesses, and points out foibles. Jew Vs. Jew shows you just where and how American Jewry failed.

Freedman's account is an honest, anecdotal portrayal of the Jewish community in America. He is unbiased and shows a truly deep understanding of numerous communities many of which are seldom given a fair portrayal. His conclusions are obvious, yet, nevertheless, jolting. 

Freedman brings an array of examples to prove his point that American Jewry is decaying and that it is moving into several clearly marked categories. The most pronounced groups are simple. They are those who will be totally disconnected to Judaism, and those who will be seriously committed to Jewish law and their Jewish community. 

Many people will be upset and even insulted by Freedman and his critique. His insight and understanding must be addressed regardless of whether or not you agree with his thesis or his examples. His critique includes the breakdown of Zionist education. He shows the failure of interdenominational work. He shows how Jewish extremists are born and why they are motivated. And he shows that, even in the suburbs of Cleveland in the holy city of Jerusalem, teh internal disputes between Jews are far more dangerous than anti-Semitism could ever be.

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