Jew­ish Noir II

  • From the Publisher
September 1, 2021

Jew­ish Noir II is a unique col­lec­tion of twen­ty-three all-new sto­ries (and one reprint) by Jew­ish and non-Jew­ish lit­er­ary and genre writ­ers, includ­ing numer­ous award-win­ning authors such as Gabriela Alemán, Doug Allyn, Rita Lakin, Rab­bi Ilene Schnei­der, E.J. Wag­n­er, and Ken­neth Wish­nia, with a fore­word by MWA Grand Mas­ter Lawrence Block. The sto­ries explore such issues as the per­pet­u­al chal­lenge of con­fronting resur­gent anti­semitism in the US, the endur­ing lega­cy of region­al war­fare in the land of Israel since bib­li­cal times, how the enti­tled” behav­ior of cer­tain ultra-Ortho­dox com­mu­ni­ties can fuel anti­se­mit­ic atti­tudes, Jew­ish sup­port of the civ­il rights move­ment, greedy Jew­ish busi­ness­men who rein­force neg­a­tive eth­nic stereo­types, the excess­es of gold­en ghet­to” Amer­i­can Jews, the appeal of tough” Israeli-Jew­ish sol­diers and mer­ce­nar­ies, how real estate for­tunes are made, and the con­se­quences of polit­i­cal cor­rup­tion that feed into an exploitive sys­tem, how obses­sion can lead good” peo­ple to do bad” things. The sto­ries in this col­lec­tion include many teach­able moments” about the his­to­ry of prej­u­dice, and the con­tra­dic­tions of eth­nic iden­ti­ty and assim­i­la­tion into Amer­i­can society.

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