Make Your­self a Teacher: Rab­binic Tales of Men­tors and Disciples

Susan Han­del­man
  • From the Publisher
December 11, 2012
Jews and Judaism are com­mit­ted to the study of Torah, in its lit­er­al, tex­tu­al focus as well as in a broad, inclu­sive sense. And yet, there is lit­tle sys­tem­at­ic edu­ca­tion­al the­o­ry that has devel­oped from our tra­di­tion­al sources, and even less that is based on Jew­ish con­cepts and val­ues. Focus­ing on the dynam­ics of the learn­ing process and teacher-stu­dent rela­tion­ships as embed­ded in the notable Tal­mu­dic accounts of Rab­bi Eliez­er ben Hyr­canus, Susan Han­del­man con­tributes to this heuris­tic process in Make Your­self a Teacher. Through inquiry, enquiry, inter­pre­ta­tion, and explo­ration, Han­del­man posits the roles, moti­va­tions, strate­gies, and val­ues of the mas­ter teacher” and will­ing stu­dent”. What emerges is a gen­er­a­tive foun­da­tion for think­ing about a par­tic­u­lar­ly Jew­ish the­o­ry of teach­ing and learning. 

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