Meet at the Ark at Eight

Ulrich Hub; Jörg Müh­le, illus.
  • From the Publisher
December 18, 2012

News reach­es a pair of pen­guins that a great flood is com­ing to destroy the earth — and that they are the only two pen­guins who have been cho­sen to board Noah’s Ark. They decide, how­ev­er, to smug­gle their friend aboard in a suit­case, and a wild forty-day jour­ney ensues.

This cre­ative twist on the clas­sic bib­li­cal tale encour­ages read­ers to ask ques­tions about God, though it nev­er pre­sumes that the answers will be quick and easy. Ulrich Hub’s humor­ous, yet thought-pro­vok­ing retelling of this well-known Bible sto­ry is com­ple­ment­ed by Jörg Müh­le’s wit­ty illustrations.

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