Nick Bones Underground

Phil M. Cohen

  • From the Publisher
January 1, 2013

Shmulie Shim­mer promised he’d call his father, Abe, but he nev­er did. And Shmulie nev­er broke a promise to his father.

Pro­fes­sor Nick Fried­man takes a wild ride through a dystopic and dan­ger­ous New York City search­ing for his old high school bud­dy Shmulie Shim­mer. Shmulie is the inven­tor of Lerbs, the most pop­u­lar design­er drug ever. Fried­man and his wise­crack­ing AI com­put­er, Mag­gie, encounter a world of odd and some­times dead­ly char­ac­ters above and below ground. 

Told with sar­don­ic humor, Nick Bones Under­ground offers an imag­i­na­tive world and asks thought pro­vok­ing ques­tions: Is it pos­si­ble to over­come the bur­den of past deeds? What is the nature of being human? Can an AI com­put­er change gen­der and con­vert to Judaism? How did Nick Fried­man become Nick Bones? Who is Rob­bie the Rab­bi? Is it pos­si­ble to get a good cup of cof­fee at the Out­taluck Café?

Discussion Questions