Nothing Like a Dame: Conversations With the Great Women of Musical Theater

Oxford University Press  2014


Nothing Like a Dame: Conversations with the Great Women of Musical Theater is a collection of exclusive interviews with twenty of the greatest leading women of Broadway, by Jewish journalist Eddie Shapiro. It features women who have devoted the majority of their careers to theater and have won at least one Tony Award. Nothing Like a Dame includes Shapiro's experience interviewing the "cantankerous, outspoken, and utterly charming" Elaine Stritch over tea at the Carlyle on Thanksgiving Day, chatting with the eighty-four year old Angela Lansbury in her Manhattan apartment, and asking Patti Lupone about her start in acting while eating her home-baked bread. Each interview is guided by Shapiro's expert knowledge of these women's careers, Broadway lore, and the details of some of Broadway's most famous (and infamous) musicals. This collection also includes dozens of photographs of the actresses in their best-known roles, making it a must-have for theater lovers.

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