Recharging Judaism: How Civic Engagement is Good for Synagogues, Jews, and America

CCAR Press  2018


RECHARGING JUDAISM calls American synagogues to take institutional stands on social justice issues, explaining why this is appropriate with Jewish texts, and showing how to implement change with helpful frameworks.

Congregational board members, social justice committees, volunteers, and clergy will appreciate the unique perspective of the rabbi and lay leader team of authors. Schindler and Seldin-Cohen address four complaints often heard when synagogues embark on their civic engagement journeys and offer pragmatic guides for avoiding divisiveness and achieving meaningful goals. In this book they share insights from 50 interviews they conducted with other clergy and lay leaders across the country.

Topical issues such as refugees, gun violence, food justice, aging, racial justice, and many others permeate the narrative. Cautionary tales, guest essays, and other bonus material enrich the reader's understanding. Using language that speaks to both those outside and inside synagogue life, the book inspires and guides Jews and Jewish institutions to address the challenges facing this country today.

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