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March 29, 2018

He sold his soul to sur­vive Auschwitz. Now he’s tak­ing it back!

Alex was sev­en­teen years old when he was deport­ed to Auschwitz from his home in Saloni­ka, Greece. Select­ed to work in the Birke­nau Son­derkom­man­do, he out­lived his fam­i­ly, his faith, and even his true name. His mem­o­ry filled with the death of a peo­ple, unable to speak of what he had done to sur­vive, he was locked in the silent prison of his guilt.

Now, more than six­ty years lat­er, Alex is deter­mined to con­front his mem­o­ries and seek atone­ment for his com­plic­i­ty. His spir­i­tu­al strug­gle will lead him back into his past, and into the long his­to­ry of his peo­ple, in search of an answer to the silence of God. But his des­tiny is bound up with that of a woman born in a dif­fer­ent world — the only one alive who can help him find the strength to keep his promis­es to the dead.

Return­ing is a fear­less explo­ration of the choic­es we make in a choice­less time; the ter­ri­fy­ing strength and bur­den of the will to sur­vive; and the pow­er of the human spir­it to recov­er even from its own seem­ing destruction.

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