David Michael Slater
  • Review
By – December 22, 2011

David Michael Slater’s nov­el Self­less is a side-split­ting tour-de-force through 1980’s Pitts­burgh. The nov­el focus­es on the antics of the dys­func­tion­al Schwartz fam­i­ly. When the father, a famous writer, is accused of steal­ing his nov­els, the fam­i­ly comes even more unrav­eled. In one indeli­ble scene, the rab­bi comes to vis­it the fam­i­ly and is forced to leave after almost being impaled by a spiked leather bra. 

Writ­ten in a sly, sar­cas­tic tone, Self­less also has a dark side. If you’ve ever thrown a ten-sided dice, you won’t be able to put this down.

Gary Katz received an MA in Eng­lish from the Uni­ver­si­ty of Nebras­ka-Oma­ha. He is the library admin­is­tra­tor for the Krip­ke Jew­ish Fed­er­a­tion Library in Oma­ha, Nebras­ka, one of the largest Judaica libraries in the Unit­ed States.

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