Silk Road Vegetarian: Vegan, Vegetarian, and Gluten Free Recipes for the Mindful Cook

Tuttle Publishing  2014


Those interested in exotic cuisines featur¬≠ing healthy foods will find treasures in Dahlia Abraham Klein’s colorful cookbook. She comes from a family of Sephardic Jews who traveled the Silk Road as merchants, bringing home cooking traditions from many different cultures. The author begins with chapters on her family history and her personal journey, and moves on to using local, sustainable, organic ingredients. She provides detailed information about spices, tofu, legumes, and rice. Each recipe begins with brief cultural and historical notes about the dish, accompanied by color illustrations that will tempt cooks to head straight for the kitchen. The recipes are labeled vegan, gluten free, and dairy free, making it easy for kosher cooks to incorporate them. Bukharian Vegan Chopped Liver, Spana¬≠korizo, Persian Eggplant Stew, Casablanca Quinoa, and Orange Blossom Date Balls are among the tempting delicacies that Abraham- Klein offers. Pumpkin soup, Minted Beet Salad, and Shawarma-spiced Potato Wedges will add flavor to any table. Anyone interested in ethnic cuisines and a healthy diet will find many ideas for creative meals in this book.

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