Rachel Zuck­er

  • From the Publisher
January 1, 2013

Rachel Zuck­er sweeps all the cor­ners in this max­i­mal­ist project of poems and prose, nav­i­gat­ing love, loss, and per­son­al and polit­i­cal despair. Through heart­break­ing, often com­ic, genre-non-con­form­ing pieces span­ning the past 10 years, she trains her relent­less atten­tion on mar­riage, moth­er­hood, grief, the need to speak, depres­sion, sex, and many oth­er top­ics. Part poet­ry, part mem­oir, part lyric essay — and not lim­it­ed by any of these cat­e­gories—Sound­Ma­chine is a book writ­ten out of the per­sis­tent feel­ing that the human voice is both a mean­ing­less sound and the only way we know we exist.

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