Split the Pie: A Rad­i­cal New Way to Negotiate

  • From the Publisher
September 1, 2021

From a lead­ing Yale expert and ser­i­al entre­pre­neur, a rad­i­cal, prin­ci­pled, and field-test­ed approach that iden­ti­fies what’s real­ly at stake in any nego­ti­a­tion and ensures you get your half — so you can focus on grow­ing the pie. In Split the Pie, Bar­ry Nale­buff, a pro­fes­sor at Yale School of Man­age­ment, helps iden­ti­fy what’s real­ly at stake in a nego­ti­a­tion: the pie.” The nego­ti­a­tion pie is the addi­tion­al val­ue cre­at­ed through an agree­ment to work togeth­er. See­ing the rel­e­vant pie will change how you think about fair­ness and pow­er in nego­ti­a­tion. You’ll learn how to get half the val­ue you cre­ate, no mat­ter your size. Filled with exam­ples and in-depth case stud­ies, Split the Pie is a prac­ti­cal and the­o­ry-based approach to nego­ti­a­tion. You’ll see how it helped reframe a high-stakes nego­ti­a­tion when Coca-Cola pur­chased Hon­est Tea, a com­pa­ny Bar­ry co-found­ed with his for­mer stu­dent Seth Gold­man. The pie frame­work also works for every­day nego­ti­a­tions. You’ll learn how to deploy log­ic to deter­mine tru­ly equi­table solu­tions and employ empa­thy to expand the pie and sell your solu­tion. Split the Pie allows both sides to focus their ener­gy on mak­ing the biggest pos­si­ble pie — to have your pie and eat it too.

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