Subversive Sequels in the Bible

Jewish Publication Society  2009

This new commentary exhibits biblical scholarship at its finest. Judy Klitsner has chosen six familiar stories from the bible and, using critical literary techniques, delved deeply into the texts to explore the imagery, structure, grammar, and context of these stories both in relationship to each other and as single stories. Klitsner draws upon her many years as a student and teacher of biblical texts and as a student of the great Nehama Leibowitz. She demonstrates a level of understanding and depth that will make us turn to the stories once again to draw lessons for a modern reading. She mines the Hebrew of the text for traditional and new readings. The result is a confirmation that the ancient stories reflect the humanity that endures in all of us regardless of time or place. This book is an excellent companion to weekly Torah study to challenge our thinking and perception of the characters of the Bible. Subversive Sequels in the Bible is the 2009 National Jewish Book Award winner in Scholarship.

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