The Blood of Lorraine

Pegasus Books  2010


In tumultuous late 19th century France, persecuted Jews fled to the town of Nancy, where they have prospered and have found acceptance; however, their security begins to unravel upon the discovery of a gruesomely murdered baby. The baby’s nanny declares that a Jew is responsible for this ghastly homicide and the story spreads through the French newspapers like wildfire. The investigation is passed on to Bernard Martin, a Republican Judge whose personal struggles necessitate that the case be solved quickly.

Adding further pressure to the case is the Dreyfus affair, occurring at the same time and fueling hysteria and thus danger for all Jews in France. As Bernard’s investigation moves forward, he struggles to reconcile his beliefs with his growing knowledge of Nancy’s Jewish communities. He represents the face of justice and reason against insane, vigilante injustice, the face that respects genuine belief in the most adverse situations. The Blood of Lorraine is a fascinating read, exploring religious, social, and political thinking, propaganda, and prejudice.

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