The Dou­ble Life of Alfred Buber

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April 29, 2014
The Dou­ble Life of Alfred Buber is a fic­tion­al mem­oir about an illic­it love affair that one grad­u­al­ly begins to real­ize is rather dif­fer­ent than the author con­fess­es. 

Alfred Buber is a pil­lar of his com­mu­ni­ty, a respect­ed man with a secret, and a secret life, until one day the two cross over and even he can no longer tell which is real and which is not. Buber’s pas­sion for women is matched only by his inabil­i­ty to relate to them, and after years of bruis­ing attempts to find love he seeks his escape in an ille­git­i­mate and all encom­pass­ing romance with a Bangkok bargirl. 

She may rec­i­p­ro­cate. She may not. 

Buber’s dilem­ma to believe in her, and in what he is doing, or not, to bring her home to Boston, or not, to con­tin­ue a whol­ly respectable life that is bring­ing him no hap­pi­ness, or not is the premise of this unfor­get­table, tru­ly unfor­get­table, love sto­ry, and its equal­ly unfor­get­table, com­plete­ly flawed, lovers.

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