The Jewish Baseball Card Book

Jewish Major Leaguers, Inc.  2017


Baseball fans will savor this magnificent collection about Jews in the world of baseball, illustrated with facsimiles of original baseball cards—many produced in the heyday of the card collecting mania.

An introduction, a short history of baseball cards, and a publisher's note highlight the considerable Jewish presence in Major League Baseball—starting in the 1870s with Lipman Pike and continuing enthusiastically into the 21st century. While baseball players are the main focus, the book also features Jewish sportswriters, baseball team owners, and other Jewish participants in the baseball world.

The book’s rich colors and well-designed layout are an eye-catching feast, and informational blurbs with fascinating material abound.

If your mother threw away your cards (or they “mysteriously disappeared”), or you’re a baseball fanatic who wants to learn about Jewish involvement in the sport, this is the book you want to own.

Recommended for ages 8 to adult, and especially recommended for intergenerational sharing.

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