The Lan­guage of Paradise

Bar­bara Klein Moss
  • From the Publisher
July 27, 2015

The micro­cosm encased with­in a glass ter­rar­i­um on the book cov­er for The Lan­guage of Par­adise evokes the poignant con­tra­dic­tions of the sto­ry it con­tains: nur­tured wilder­ness, love and estrange­ment, caged Arca­dia, Art, Sci­ence, and Theology…

Caught in her hus­band’s quest for the prelap­sar­i­an lan­guage in which Adam named all the crea­tures of the Earth, Sophy Hedge stands at the thresh­old of the Gar­den of Eden he has con­struct­ed inside a green­house, preg­nant with their first child. Sophy must choose whether to remain in repli­cat­ed par­adise with her hus­band or escape to save her child and herself.


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