The Light of Days Young Read­ers’ Edi­tion: The Untold Sto­ry of Women Resis­tance Fight­ers in Hitler’s Ghettos

  • From the Publisher
June 29, 2019

This young read­ers’ edi­tion tells the remark­able sto­ry, large­ly for­got­ten until now, of the young Jew­ish women who became resis­tance fight­ers against the Nazis dur­ing World War II. As their com­mu­ni­ties were being destroyed, groups of Jew­ish women and teenage girls across Poland began trans­form­ing Jew­ish youth groups into resis­tance fac­tions. These ghet­to girls” helped build sys­tems of under­ground bunkers, paid off the Gestapo, and bombed Ger­man train lines. At the cen­ter of the book is eigh­teen-year-old Renia Kukiel­ka, who trav­eled across her war-torn coun­try as a weapons smug­gler and mes­sen­ger. Oth­er women who joined the cause served as armed fight­ers, spies, and sabo­teurs, all risk­ing their lives for their mis­sions. It also includes an eight-page insert of black-and-white pho­tos, so that read­ers can see first­hand the extra­or­di­nary women who brave­ly fought for their free­dom in the face of over­whelm­ing odds.

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