The Lit­tle Book of Zen: Say­ings, Para­bles, Med­i­ta­tions & Haiku

  • From the Publisher
September 1, 2021

A taste of Zen for the seek­er and the curi­ous alike, The Lit­tle Book of Zen col­lects East­ern and West­ern say­ings, haiku, poet­ry, and inspir­ing quo­ta­tions from ancient and mod­ern thinkers. Inter­spersed are essays on impor­tant fig­ures in the his­to­ry of Zen as well as Zen prac­tices like med­i­ta­tion. Its aim is not to dene Zen but rather to point to a fresh way of look­ing at the world: with mind­ful­ness, clar­i­ty, and joy. Pen and ink illus­tra­tions from the author bring an addi­tion­al lay­er of feel­ing and beau­ty. Many con­tem­po­rary spir­i­tu­al lead­ers and oth­ers quot­ed are Jews, includ­ing Abra­ham Joshua Hes­chel, Mar­tin Buber, Leonard Cohen, Allen Gins­berg, Jack Kor­neld, Sylvia Boorstein, and Sharon Salzberg.

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