The Most Won­der­ful Rain

  • From the Publisher
September 1, 2023

In a small vil­lage in Tan­za­nia, it will take Deb­o­rah and Lil­ian 10 hours of hard­ship and dan­ger to fetch water. Deb­o­rah dreams of becom­ing a doc­tor, but drought makes attend­ing school impos­si­ble. Return­ing home, Deb­o­rah is sur­prised to see the vil­lage chief hold­ing a meet­ing. A love­ly stranger is speak­ing. Fresh, clean water is com­ing to their vil­lage. Can it be true? Deborah’s life could change for­ev­er! Could she return to school and fol­low her dream?

Discussion Questions