The Mysterious Guests. A Sukkot Story

Holiday House  2008

Brothers Eben and Ezra are as different as can be. While Ezra is kind and generous, Eben is cold and greedy. Sukkot arrives and Ezra, who has little money to spare, lovingly builds his sukkah from old boards and overripe fruit. Everyone is welcome and his sukkah is filled with joyous song. Eben’s sukkah stands proud and glorious filled with the best things money can buy. Only the rich eat in Eban’s sukkah. One night Abraham, Isaac and Jacob descend from heaven to begin their annual visit to the worlds’ sukkot. They are welcomed into Ezra’s sukkah and invited to share what little food there is. At Eben’s sukkah they are forced to stand in the corner until his guests have finished their meal, then offered leftover scraps. As the mysterious guests depart, they leave behind a blessing for each brother that match the reception they were given. Eric Kimmel had done an excellent job of spinning this Sukkot tale. Based around the tradition that our forefathers are invited into the sukkah each year, Kimmel has woven in the powerful message that it is not outward beauty, but heartfelt generosity that brings blessings of goodness to the home. Accentuated by Katya Krenina’s beautiful, dreamlike illustrations, The Mysterious Guests will become a treasured part of any child’s library. Recommended for ages 6–10.

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