The Patchwork Torah

Kar-Ben Publishing  2014


In the tradition of the much beloved book, The Keeping Quilt by Patricia Polacco, The Patchwork Torah teaches us how Jews connect across time and place. During the Holocaust, David’s grandfather, a sofer (scribe), saves damaged Torah scrolls to repair “someday maybe.” As David grows and becomes a sofer too, he also holds on to damaged Torahs. His granddaughter asks why there are unused scrolls in his closet and she suggests that he put the undamaged parts of each together to make a ‘patchwork Torah.’

Through its serene, oil-painted illustrations and warm language, The Patchwork Torah demonstrates the importance of cycles in Judaism—the cycle of the reading of the Torah ending and beginning on the holiday of Simchat Torah, the cycle of the genera¬≠tions and re-cycling. It also takes readers on a quick trip across the twentieth century in American Jewish life, from scrap drives to the fight against Hitler to welcoming refugees to Hurricane Katrina.

Recommended for ages 7–11 with Holo¬≠caust references.

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