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January 1, 2013

An exhil­a­rat­ing, mov­ing nov­el about a trail­blaz­ing math­e­mati­cian whose research unearths her own extra­or­di­nary fam­i­ly sto­ry and its roots in World War II.

From the days of her child­hood in the 1950s Mid­west, Kather­ine knows she is dif­fer­ent, and that her par­ents are not who they seem. As she matures from a girl of rare intel­li­gence into an excep­tion­al math­e­mati­cian, trav­el­ing to Europe to fur­ther her stud­ies, she must face the most human of prob­lems — who is she? What is the cost of love, and what is the cost of ambi­tion? These ques­tions grow ever more entan­gled as Kather­ine strives to take her place in the world of high­er math­e­mat­ics and becomes involved with a bril­liant and charis­mat­ic professor.

When she embarks on a quest to con­quer the Rie­mann hypoth­e­sis, the great­est unsolved math­e­mat­i­cal prob­lem of her time, she turns to a the­o­rem with a mys­te­ri­ous his­to­ry that may hold both the lock and the key to her iden­ti­ty, and to secrets long buried dur­ing World War II. Forced to con­front some of the most con­se­quen­tial events of the twen­ti­eth cen­tu­ry and rethink every­thing she knows of her­self, she finds kin­ship in the sto­ries of the women who came before her, and dis­cov­ers how seem­ing­ly dis­tant sto­ries, lives, and ideas are inex­tri­ca­bly linked to her own.

The Tenth Muse is a gor­geous, sweep­ing tale about lega­cy, iden­ti­ty, and the beau­ti­ful ways the mind can make us free. 

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