The Unmak­ing of Israel

Ger­shom Gorenberg

  • From the Publisher
May 16, 2015

Promi­nent Israeli jour­nal­ist Ger­shom­Goren­berg offers a pen­e­trat­ing and provoca­tivelook at how the bal­ance of pow­er in Israel has shift­ed toward extremism,threatening the prospects for peace and democ­ra­cy as the Israeli-Pales­tini­an­con­flict inten­si­fies. Inform­ing his exam­i­na­tion using inter­views in Israel andthe West Bank and with access to pre­vi­ous­ly clas­si­fied Israeli doc­u­ments, Goren­berg deliv­ers an inci­sive dis­cus­sion of the caus­es andtrends of extrem­ism in Israel’s gov­ern­ment and soci­ety. Michael Chabon, Pulitzer Prize-win­ning author of The Amazin­gAd­ven­tures of Kava­lier and Clay, writes, until I read The Unmak­ing of Israel, I did­n’t think it could bepos­si­ble to feel more despair­ing, and then more ter­ri­bly hope­ful, about Israel,a place that I began at last, under the spell of Ger­shom­Goren­berg’s lucid and dis­pas­sion­ate yet intense­lyper­son­al writ­ing, to understand.”

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