A Glob­al Lit­er­ary Con­ver­sa­tion: On Artists in Cap­tiv­i­ty with Simon Parkin and Susan Wider

Thursday, May 4, 2023

Vir­tu­al, EDT

Join us for the inau­gur­al event of the Glob­al Jew­ish Lit­er­ary Alliance, with a con­ver­sa­tion between authors Simon Parkin and Susan Wider, dis­cussing their award-win­ning books.

Simon Parkin is the win­ner of the 2023 Wingate Prize for his book The Island of Extra­or­di­nary Cap­tives: A Painter, a Poet, an Heiress, and a Spy in a World War II British Intern­ment Camp. Susan Wider is the win­ner of the Young Adult Lit­er­a­ture cat­e­go­ry of the 72nd Nation­al Jew­ish Book Awards for her book It’s My Whole Life: Char­lotte Salomon: An Artist in Hid­ing Dur­ing World War II. They will also be dis­cussing the role of Jew­ish artists in the Holo­caust and what their impris­on­ment meant to the Jew­ish world of art, and so much more.

The con­ver­sa­tion will be mod­er­at­ed by Doron Krakow, pres­i­dent and CEO of JCC Asso­ci­a­tion of North Amer­i­ca. In addi­tion, the evening will see the launch of the Glob­al Jew­ish Lit­er­ary Resource Center.

About the Glob­al Jew­ish Lit­er­ary Alliance

The Glob­al Jew­ish Lit­er­ary Alliance is an inter­na­tion­al col­lab­o­ra­tion that will pro­vide resources and com­mu­ni­ty for Jew­ish writ­ers, and those writ­ing books of Jew­ish inter­est. The Glob­al Jew­ish Lit­er­ary Alliance aims to encour­age more writ­ers to write Jew­ish con­tent and explore what that might be, as well as pro­vide annu­al­ly updat­ed resources to con­nect pro­fes­sion­als and writ­ers and cre­ate com­mu­ni­ty. The Glob­al Jew­ish Lit­er­ary Resource Cen­ter will also pro­vide infor­ma­tion on fund­ing oppor­tu­ni­ties, res­i­dences, and events for the Jew­ish writ­ing com­mu­ni­ty. If you know of any resources for the Jew­ish writ­ing com­mu­ni­ty and would like them includ­ed in our Resource Cen­ter, please sub­mit them here!

The Alliance aims to sup­port a glob­al ecosys­tem of Jew­ish arts and cul­ture, with a spe­cif­ic focus on the lit­er­ary arts, ensur­ing writ­ers have the resources they need to write Jew­ish books, that read­ers are aware of these works, and that Jew­ish com­mu­ni­ties and insti­tu­tions have the resources they need to cre­ate mean­ing­ful pro­grams and events around Jew­ish lit­er­a­ture. The Covid pan­dem­ic showed the ben­e­fits of con­nect­ing with peo­ple around the world and showed the pos­si­bil­i­ties of trans-Atlantic col­lab­o­ra­tions, some­thing upon which the Glob­al Jew­ish Lit­er­ary Alliance will expand.

The found­ing mem­bers of the GJLA are The Wingate Prize (UK), Jew­ish Book Coun­cil (US), JCC Asso­ci­a­tion of North Amer­i­ca (US and Cana­da) and JW3 (UK). Oth­er inter­na­tion­al orga­ni­za­tions will be invit­ed to join as mem­bers in the future.