Esther: Pow­er, Fate and Fragili­ty in Exile

Dr. Eri­ca Brown

  • From the Publisher
January 13, 2020

The Book of Esther takes us to the heart of des­tiny moments: a beau­ti­ful but unlike­ly queen evolves into a Jew­ish leader. A wise and trust­ed Jew­ish courtier expands his plat­form of influ­ence, and a vul­ner­a­ble minor­i­ty fac­ing death becomes a pow­er­ful peo­ple in a land not their own. Dr. Eri­ca Brown offers us a close tex­tu­al and the­mat­ic read­ing of this beloved sto­ry of courage and hero­ism against a back­ground of hate and polit­i­cal inep­ti­tude. This ancient sto­ry sheds its light on today’s most press­ing prob­lems: con­tem­po­rary anti­semitism, sex­u­al tyran­ny and the absence of leadership.

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