Hot Mamalah: The Ulti­mate Guide for Every Woman of the Tribe

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April 30, 2012
Jew­ish women are leg­end: the expert mavens, the wacky meshugun­nahs, the your-busi­ness-is-my-busi­ness yen­tas and all the oth­ers keep­ing you well enter­tained, well-loved and well-fed. We know them. Now we can become them. Hot Mamalah: The Ulti­mate Guide for Every Woman of the Tribe is a first: a field man­u­al cel­e­brat­ing Jew­ish women and their strengths, idio­syn­crasies, chal­lenges, and tri­umphs. This hilar­i­ous ABCs of She is a pop cul­ture smor­gas­bord of humor­ous essays, wit­ty recipes and 300 savory images spoof­ing a four-course meal, keep­ing you laugh­ing from cock­tails to dessert. Hot Mamalah is much more than an appe­tiz­er to your own hap­pi­ness. It’s an appetite for liv­ing, for hav­ing fun, and hav­ing chutz­pah. It’s about feed­ing your­self, your fam­i­ly, your friends, and your fan­tasies. It’s about play­ing by your own rules, speak­ing your mind, look­ing fine, and sav­ing a dime. It’s about being sexy, dynam­ic, and auda­cious. It’s about throw­ing a par­ty wher­ev­er you go and cel­e­brat­ing who­ev­er you are with all the mojo of the bold­ly beau­ti­ful who came before you, dish­ing up one over-the-top delec­table at a time.

Hot Mamalah: You don’t have to be Jew­ish. But it would­n’t hurt. 

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