Kosher­soul: The Faith and Food Jour­ney of an African Amer­i­can Jew

  • From the Publisher
June 8, 2021

In Kosher­soul, Michael W. Twit­ty con­sid­ers the mar­riage of two of the most dis­tinc­tive culi­nary cul­tures in the world today: the foods and tra­di­tions of the African Atlantic and the glob­al Jew­ish dias­po­ra. To Twit­ty, the cre­ation of African-Jew­ish cook­ing is a con­ver­sa­tion of migra­tions and a dia­logue of dias­po­ras offer­ing a rich back­ground for inven­tive recipes and the peo­ple who cre­ate them.The ques­tion that most intrigues him is not just who makes the food, but how the food makes the peo­ple. Jews of Col­or are not out­liers, Twit­ty con­tends, but sig­nif­i­cant and mean­ing­ful cul­tur­al cre­ators in both Black and Jew­ish civ­i­liza­tions. Kosher­soul also explores how food has shaped the jour­neys of numer­ous cooks, includ­ing Twitty’s own pas­sage to and with­in Judaism. As inti­mate, thought-pro­vok­ing, and pro­found as The Cook­ing Gene, this remark­able book teas­es the sens­es as it offers sus­te­nance for the soul.

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