On Divi­sion: A Novel

  • From the Publisher
January 1, 2013

Through one woman’s life at a moment of sur­pris­ing change, the award-win­ning author Goldie Gold­bloom tells a deeply affect­ing, moral­ly insight­ful sto­ry and offers a rare look inside Brooklyn’s Cha­sidic community.

In Williams­burg, Brook­lyn, Surie Eck­stein is soon to be a great-grand­moth­er. Her ten chil­dren range in age from thir­teen to thir­ty-nine. Her in-laws, post­war immi­grants from Roma­nia, live on the first floor of their house. Her daugh­ter Tzi­la Ruchel lives on the second.

Into this life of bless­ings comes a sur­prise. Surie is preg­nant at fifty-sev­en. It is a shock. And at her age, it is an aber­ra­tion, a shift in the prop­er order of things.

On Divi­sion is an exca­va­tion of one woman’s life, a sto­ry of awak­en­ing at mid­dle age, and a thought­ful exam­i­na­tion of the dynam­ics of self and col­lec­tive iden­ti­ty. It is a steady-eyed look inside insu­lar com­mu­ni­ties that also cel­e­brates their com­forts. And it is an unfor­get­table new nov­el from a writer whose imag­i­na­tion is matched only by the depth of her humanity.

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