Recipes From Auschwitz: The Sur­vival Sto­ries of Two Hun­gar­i­an Jews

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September 1, 2019

In the spring of 1944, close to 600,000 Hun­gar­i­an Jews were deport­ed to Auschwitz. Most per­ished in the gas cham­bers. Some were killed by their Hun­gar­i­an neigh­bors, the vir­u­lent­ly anti-Semit­ic Arrow Cross fas­cists. How did this hap­pen to the fanat­i­cal­ly loy­al assim­i­lat­ed and accul­tur­at­ed Hun­gar­i­an Jews? Through the eyes of two Jews, Olgam an assim­i­lat­ed and edu­cat­ed woman, and Mar­ton, an ortho­dox man from a Has­sidic fam­i­ly, we are intro­duced to the Hun­gar­i­an Jew­ish expe­ri­ence. We accom­pa­ny them on the cat­tle cars to Auschwitz and wit­ness their near-death expe­ri­ences. We lis­ten as Olga and the oth­er starv­ing women fan­ta­size about recipes in an attempt to main­tain their san­i­ty. And final­ly, we rejoice with them at their ulti­mate lib­er­a­tion and return to Hun­gary. With­in two years after lib­er­a­tion, these sur­vivors from the hell of Auschwitz meet, mar­ry and begin a rebirth as they raise a new fam­i­ly to replace the one lost in Auschwitz. Recipes From Auschwitz tells a com­pelling sto­ry of Hun­gar­i­an his­to­ry, suf­fer­ing, rebirth, and romance.

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