Spouso­nom­ics: Using Eco­nom­ics to Mas­ter Love, Mar­riage, and Dirty Dishes

Jen­ny Ander­son and Paula Szuchman
  • From the Publisher
November 13, 2011
Havey­ou ever gone to the dark place” after a fight about who does thedish­es more often? Do you wor­ry that your job is destroy­ing your­mar­riage? Have you ever sat up at night, obsess­ing over how much more­fun mar­ried life used to be? If you’re like the rest of us — that is,human — then the answer is prob­a­bly yes to all three. EnterSpouso­nom­ics, a book that offers a bril­liant, fresh twist to stan­dard­rela­tion­ship advice by show­ing how eco­nom­ics — yes, eco­nom­ics — is thekey to a hap­py mar­riage.

PaulaSzuch­man and Jen­ny Ander­son, two star jour­nal­ists from The Wall StreetJour­nal and The New York Times, present a rad­i­cal new idea: Every­mar­riage is its own lit­tle econ­o­my, a busi­ness of two with a finitenum­ber of resources that need to be allo­cat­ed cor­rect­ly. With greatwit, insight, and com­pelling sto­ries from real-life cou­ples, Szuch­manand Ander­son apply bedrock eco­nom­ic prin­ci­ples to some of the most­com­mon con­flicts in domes­tic life.

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