The Dad­dy Diaries

  • From the Publisher
June 3, 2015

Joshua Braff deliv­ers an authen­tic, fun­ny, and hon­est tale about mod­ern fam­i­ly life. Jay and Jack­ie are a Jew­ish cou­ple that uproots their fam­i­ly of four from San Fran­cis­co for a new lucra­tive new job in Flori­da. Jay, a one-time copy­writer, now plays house­hus­band, car­ing for his trou­bled thir­teen-year-old son and pre­co­cious daugh­ter as they adjust to their new life. As his chil­dren assert their inde­pen­dence, Jay real­izes the chal­lenges of child rear­ing are only going to grow more dif­fi­cult in the teen years. Through a series of mis­ad­ven­tures with his nar­cis­sis­tic old­er broth­er, his lunatic child­hood friend, and his increas­ing­ly estranged but beloved son, Jay learns he must tap his own vul­ner­a­bil­i­ties if he is to be the rock of sta­bil­i­ty his fam­i­ly so des­per­ate­ly needs. The Dad­dy Diaries is a mem­o­rable take on con­tem­po­rary father­hood and a clear-sight­ed look at how the upend­ing of tra­di­tion­al mar­i­tal roles can affect the del­i­cate bal­ance of famil­ial love. Joshua Braff vivid­ly evokes the unpre­dictable dance that fam­i­lies do, cap­tur­ing how they sim­i­lar­ly ebb and flow.

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