The Land Is Full

Yale University Press  2016


Israel faces unprecedented social and environmental crises: poverty and inequality in the Jewish state have reached exceptional dimensions, while ecological indicators reflect burgeoning pollution levels, dwindling natural resources and biodiversity collapse. Public protesters demand change and government ministries suggest sundry solutions, but these responses only address symptoms. The fundamental cause of Israel's most acute problems is something that few Jews or Israelis are willing to openly discuss: overpopulation. The tiny land of Israel already shows signs it can no longer support the growing number of people who live there, with quality of life suffering significantly.

Based on years of research, environmental leader and academic Alon Tal provides a compelling and accessible look at overpopulation's alarming impact on Israel today. The Land Is Full details the historic factors leading to Israel's extraordinary population growth and proposes a blueprint for changing Israel's demographic policies if the country is to attain a sustainable and stable future. This is a book that will change the discourse about Zionism and Israel's future, redefining the most pressing challenges confronting the Jewish State.

Discussion Questions

Download discussion questions for The Land Is Full here (courtesy of Alon Tal). 

Visiting Scribe: Alon Tal

Israel's Extraordinary Population Growth Is No Cause for Celebration

Why the Time Has Finally Come to Talk about Stabilizing Israel’s Population

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