The Soul of Jewish Social Justice

Urim Publications  2014


Rabbi Yanklowitz has once again sounded the call for all Jews, particularly those who consider themselves observant or Orthodox, to be actively involved in social justice work. This collection of his writings addresses a wide range of social and religious concerns, includ­ing health issues, animal welfare, business ethics, conflict resolution, and much more. The author supports his case with biblical and Talmudic quotes, a range of contemporary Jewish thought, and a wealth of wisdom and information from the secular world. He relies not only on book knowledge, but on his first­hand experiences as a volunteer and activist, as he inspires the reader to action. The Soul of Jewish Social Justice can be read from cover to cover, or used as a resource for the individual topics it addresses. In his still relatively young career, the author has already gone a long way in moving us to reimagine what it means to be a committed Jew today.

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