Walking Israel: A Personal Search for the Soul of a Nation

Thomas Dunne Books  2010

Award-winning news correspondent Martin Fletcher, who served as NBC Bureau Chief in Tel Aviv for thirty years, has written a refreshing, personal book about Israel. Instead of dealing with war, terrorism, and politics, he decided to find the heart and soul of the country by walking from the Lebanese border to Gaza. Along the way, he met some fascinating people, learned a great deal of history, and discovered the cultural and geographical diversity of the country. Among the intriguing people that he met are an Arab who converted to Judaism, a daughter of Holocaust survivors who lost her family in a terrorist attack, and a Christian Arab. All have interesting tales that provide insight into the complex human relationships that exist in Israel today. Readers will learn that despite the political conflicts, coexistence is the norm, with synagogues, churches, and mosques sharing the neighborhoods and people getting along for the most part. From the kibbutz to downtown Tel Aviv, Fletcher provides a view of Israel that never appears in the news.

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