Glo­ri­a’s Voice: The Sto­ry of Glo­ria Steinem

  • From the Publisher
March 29, 2018

Using gor­geous water­col­or illus­tra­tions, this biog­ra­phy of Glo­ria Steinem intro­duces young read­ers to the leader of the wom­en’s lib­er­a­tion move­ment. Fol­low­ing her from child­hood through her polit­i­cal awak­en­ing and beyond, Glo­ri­a’s Voice explains Steinem’s moti­va­tions and beliefs, as well as the obsta­cles she faced in fight­ing for wom­en’s rights. Through­out, debut author and artist Aura Lewis high­lights Glo­ri­a’s mes­sage of equal­i­ty and the impor­tance of believ­ing in one­self. Every young per­son, but espe­cial­ly girls, will find inspi­ra­tion in Glo­ri­a’s jour­ney and this time­ly biography.

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