Take Your Soul to Work: 365 Med­i­ta­tions on Every Day Leadership

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By – May 19, 2015

Take Your Soul to Work is intend­ed as a series of self-con­tained essays, each of which chal­lenges lead­ers — whether pro­fes­sion­al or vol­un­teer — to exam­ine an impor­tant val­ue of their occu­pa­tion. Each essay con­tains either a sto­ry exem­pli­fy­ing a par­tic­u­lar val­ue (or its oppo­site) or a quo­ta­tion about the val­ue. The ref­er­enced texts come from a wide vari­ety of sources: Jew­ish texts, texts of oth­er reli­gious tra­di­tions, lit­er­a­ture, pop­u­lar music, movies, and more. The quo­ta­tions are not only use­ful in illus­trat­ing the par­tic­u­lar val­ue, but also pro­vide the read­er with sources that s/​he will be eager to exam­ine beyond what appears in the book. Some read­ers will want to use this for dai­ly study over a year. Oth­ers will be so intrigued that they will read the book from cov­er to cov­er, grab­bing tid­bits of wis­dom and look­ing for­ward to fur­ther read­ing about the val­ues and sto­ries men­tioned. If you have not yet learned from Eri­ca Brown’s teach­ings and wis­dom, this is a great place to start. And if you are already a stu­dent of hers, this will be a wel­come new addi­tion to her works.

Rab­bi Arnold D. Sam­lan is a Jew­ish edu­ca­tor and rab­bi liv­ing in Mia­mi, Flori­da. He serves as exec­u­tive direc­tor of the Orloff Cen­tral Agency for Jew­ish Edu­ca­tion of Broward County.

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