National Jewish Book Club


The National Jewish Book Club is an exciting, accessible way to discover a new favorite or re-read an old one. Join book clubs across the country in reading excellent works of Jewish literature through this complimentary program of JBC Book Clubs. You may know about "One Book, One Community"—the National Jewish Book Club is more like many books in many communities! Choose what you read and how you participate to create the reading experience that engages your book club the most. 


How Does It Work? 

Each year, Jewish Book Council selects 16 titles, both fiction and non-fiction, from the breadth of Jewish literature. The books—current, classic, and everything in between—are carefully selected for their quality, their potential for interesting conversation, and the variety that they represent. These titles will be presented in a guide with information on each book and discussion questions. 

This book club model gives each participating book club the flexibility to craft their own reading experience, choosing how many of the suggested titles they wish to read and in what order. Book clubs will also have the option of connecting with selected authors through the JBC Live Chat program whenever possible. 
Additionally, if you are looking to engage in conversation outside of your book club, there is a discussion forum available to the over 300 National Jewish Book Club members worldwide, and JBC will facilitate online conversations with authors throughout the year.

For communities or individuals who are not currently involved in a book club, a dedicated JBC staff member is happy to assist you in starting a book club. Or, if you prefer, you can read more about starting a book club here

Please feel free to contact Miri Pomerantz Dauber, director of JBC Book Clubs, at with any questions. 

How to Participate?

Do what you do best! Gather your fellow readers, select a book, read and discuss. 

To receive the free, downloadable National Jewish Book Club guide (which lists the selected titles, etc), simply fill out the form below. 

Once you have the guide, you can decide exactly what it means for you and your group to be part of the National Jewish Book Club. 

1) Choose how many of the titles your book club wants to read. Will you read just a few or go for the whole year?

2) Do you want to include the author in your discussion? Many of the authors are available for video chats through JBC Live Chat

3) Post to the online discussion forum! Find out which books other book clubs recommend, interesting points that came up in conversations, or connect with a book club across the country.