Angel of Alta Lan­ga: A Nov­el of Love & War

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September 1, 2021

Inspired by real events dur­ing the Fas­cist era through the end of World War II in Italy, Angel of Alta Lan­ga is an epic sto­ry of three coura­geous women of Piemonte — Cor­nelia Bot­tero, a wealthy wid­ow who risks every­thing to bring mean­ing back into her life fol­low­ing griev­ous loss; Sara Fiore, a spir­it­ed farm girl whose mis­sion to serve human­i­ty trans­forms her into a fear­less bat­tle­field nurse; and Doret­ta Gior­dano, a strong-willed city girl, the daugh­ter of a promi­nent Jew­ish banker. In ordi­nary times, their lives would not have crossed, but this is Italy under Mussolini’s mani­a­cal vision. Sens­ing their poten­tial in the Resis­tance, Cor­nelia brings togeth­er Doret­ta and Sara who achieve a meet­ing of minds and hearts over the sear­ing ques­tions of the day: Whose fight is this? And, if this evil is not defeat­ed, who will the Nazis come for next?

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